We have been working in the footwear market for more than a decade. Over the years of our operation, we have accumulated extensive experience that we used to open La Grange boutiques. We know and understand the Russian need for high-quality and comfortable footwear. The range of products in our boutiques is based on preferences and wishes of customers and is in line with the latest global trends of the footwear industry.

La Grange boutiques have been focused on family shopping since their establishment. Adult family members will be able to easily find footwear for various life situations in our boutiques. We often announce sales and special promotions for our visitors. The correctly chosen development strategy has allowed us to shape a community of regular buyers who are loyal to La Grange brand in a short time. The company has plans to open a chain of La Grange boutiques.
We strive to ensure that every visitor is able to find footwear of the appropriate size and style in our boutiques, as well as to choose an accessory such as a purse or a clutch to make a fashionable set. When we choose and purchase footwear, we don’t just focus on popular sizes, but also try to take into account the peculiarities of our customers. Our size table covers women's footwear of size 33 to 43 and men’s size 36 to 49. We choose models of various styles for our collection: from timeless classics to ultrafashionable youth footwear.